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Welcome to Poly Clariti

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Poly Clariti – Deploy. Manage. Meet.

Poly Clariti is for any customer that needs a private, all-inclusive video conferencing solution that they wish to own end-to-end. Poly Clariti gives you access to and full control of your organization's all-inclusive collaboration software. Deployment models give you the ultimate flexibility to secure your solution on premises in virtual machines, or in a private cloud with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This means your online meeting rooms are secure and protected.

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Poly Clariti enables end-users to easily schedule and enter meetings with a single click, sending email notifications to all participants with the meeting room assigned, audio dial-in details, help desk information, and other meeting information.

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Managing your organization’s collaborative solutions can be overwhelming, especially as they have scaled so quickly. From networking to room systems and end-user accounts, each component offers its own level of complexity. Poly Clariti gives you the tools you need to inventory, manage, and monitor the full solution for an optimal end-user experience.

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